Five Things you Should Not Do when Hiring an SEO Consultant

Is your organisation considering hiring a search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant? If so, there are things you must avoid. Hiring the wrong SEO consultant can lead to a serious mess that is both costly and hard to fix. As you start searching for consultants online, you will come across hundreds of them, ranging in skill level, price, and experience. To avoid hiring the wrong consultant, make sure to not do the following:

Not Choosing the Right SEO Package

Sure, SEO agencies are expected to offer their own SEO packages. But, these packages are not made equal and you want one that suits your SEO needs. Keep in mind that an effective SEO campaign is 100 percent custom and designed for your site, keywords, and campaign objectives. Make sure to ask the consultant if they can perform customisation or just depend on their packages as default solutions.

Going for a Cheap Solution

While a cheap solution can save you money, it is not always effective. A $200 per month SEO service might sound appealing; however, it could cost you much more money in the long run. You could spend thousands of dollars every month on the services of an experienced SEO consultant, depending on your competition and campaign goals.  But, the positive results you will get will make your investment worth it.

Concentrating on Keyword Ranking

A lot of SEO professionals will try to sell you on keyword rankings. You can expect them to send you a fancy monthly report that demonstrates the keywords’ position. However, those rankings are nothing if they are not leading to leads and business revenue. Thus, look for a consultant who thinks that your revenue and ROI matter.

Not Having Realistic Expectations

Keep in mind that SEO does not produce results overnight. Any person who will tell you that they can get your site ranked higher on search engines within just a few days is only after your money. An experienced SEO consultant can give you an informed guess about how soon you can expect to see increased traffic, depending on your goals and strategies.

Not Diversifying your Digital Marketing

If you want real business growth, you should not put all your eggs into one basket. Otherwise, your traffic numbers could vanish overnight as your competitors could outrank you or Google could introduce an update to their algorithm that could affect your site. No SEO consultant can predict what search engines will do. That is why you must diversify your online marketing strategies. Aside from organic search results, include many forms of traffic such as social media, paid search, display advertising, content marketing, and others.